After high school, Kelly furthered her education by taking part-time college courses in graphic arts, photography and psychology, while working part-time in the evenings at a movie theatre and several retail stores. After completing her college courses, she was hired to co-manage an upscale nightclub, with duties that included advertising, public relations and booking musical talent for the nocturnal hotspot. This soon lead to a brief gig as lead vocalist in a pop/rock band. Utilizing her ability to mimic the vocal style of numerous recording artists including Olivia Newton John, Karen Carpenter, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Paula Abdul and Sade, among others, Kelly was able to transfer those talents to broadcasting in her early 20s, singing jingles and creating a variety of character voices for radio and television. This eventually lead to a two-year stint as an on-air personality for a radio station in upstate New York where she wrote news, sports and entertainment stories for live broadcast, and ad spots for local businesses. By age 27, Kelly had become a sought-after freelance public relations con-sultant, journalist, graphic artist and photographer.


Not content to rest on her laurels, Kelly launched yet another career at age 30, working as a freelance personal assistant, with a wide range of services for busy professionals such as office cleaning/organizing, reception and administration, property management, catering and special event-planning, house/pet-sitting, image/wardrobe consulting, shopping and errands, writing, graphic arts and photography services, haircuts, manicures, facials and aromatherapeutic massage. Soon, her client list boasted everyone from retail clerks, bus drivers and construction workers to lawyers, architects, accountants, restaurateurs, security consultants, structural engineers and real estate developers.


At age 32, Kelly launched Artistic Interiors. As an artist and interior decorator, she created unique sculptures, wall art, simple furniture and accessories for clients who had a taste for the bizarre and unusual, and designed spaces with a historic or theatrical theme (e.g. decorating them to look like an African hut, a Tibetan monastery, a Persian harem, an Egyptian tomb, gothic castle, ancient cave or spaceship). Her flair for the dramatic eventually led to a side-career as a set designer/decorator and prop-maker for local theatre and TV shows.


Having dabbled in the entertainment industry since high school, Kelly’s interest in film and television production began to take precedence after she scored a sweet gig as a copywriter, floor director and production assistant for CHUM (now Bell Media) and Rogers Television, in 2002, followed by a handful of voice-over and acting jobs in commercials, movies and TV shows. Merging her passion for the entertainment industry and aptitude for business administration and public relations, she launched Showbiz Media Services, in 2003, working as a personal assistant, publicist and talent manager for both Canadian and Los Angeles-based actors, screenwriters and producers.


By 2006, Kelly was a well-respected industry insider who served as a trusted aide and confidante to some of Hollywood’s most influential powerbrokers, some of them Academy Award winners. That eventually led to yet another side-career as a screen-writer, comic book writer and transmedia producer through her production company, KJC Group Entertainment, which develops promotional materials (website content, YouTube videos, comic books, interactive games, social media contests and viral marketing campaigns) for the film and television industry. In 2008, her webcomic, The Black Tower, became an international success and was on the fast-track to becoming a network TV series before the economic crash sent her multi-million dollar project to the back burner.


Now semi-retired from the entertainment industry, Kelly still works as an artist and interior decorator from her home on Vancouver Island, while continuing to dabble in graphic design, photography and freelance lifestyle journalism.


With a natural aptitude for business administration and the creative arts, Kelly was already making some pretty decent money on weekends at age 10, with lemonade stands, garage sales, car washes and baby-sitting. By age 14, she was taking university-level graphic arts courses, and teaching arts & crafts to kids, age 5-12.


While still in high school, Kelly worked part-time as a spa/salon assistant, doing hair colouring touch-ups, mani-pedis, facials, hair styling and make-up application for weddings and fashion shows. She also worked part-time on weekends for a real estate agent, prepping for open houses by cleaning and staging the properties for viewing by prospective buyers, then served sandwiches, coffee and tea while the agent worked the room during the open house.