For Halloween, 2014, I was asked to develop a contest for a local retail store with over 150 employees. A role-playing kind of game with a large cash award to the winner. On the left of this fake front page of the DAILY PLANET (boy, did that ever take a long time to create from scratch!), is a story I wrote about Superman. I dressed up as a villainess named Kel Dru-Zod (I created the character specifically for this contest) and employees who spotted me wandering around the 132,000 sq. ft. property were to call the newspaper (actually, my cell number) and leave a message for Lois Lane, telling her where Kel Dru-Zod was so Superman could deal with her (i.e. send her back to the Phantom Zone). Everyone who phoned in had a chance to win the $100 cash reward via a ballot draw. I had to fill the rest of this fake newspaper page with more Metropolis-related news stories, so, I decided to create another new character, Cassandra King (thats me in the photo), and have her appear to be dating Oliver Queen (a.k.a. the Green Arrow, as played by Canadian actor, Stephen Amell, in the hit CW series, Arrow). Christopher Reeve was a dear friend of mine and I miss him very much. That's why I wrote this little tribute to him. And, of course, Im a huge fan of Stephen Amell, so, I thought Id throw a little bit of him in there, too. I showed this to a few of my comrades at DC Comics, and it got an enthusiastic stamp of approval from company co-publisher, Dan DiDio. I really appreciate it when my industry peers publicly acknowledge my hard work on projects such as this. Thanks, Dan!