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After a whirlwind courtship and grand wedding ceremony attended by Hollywood stars and a who’s who of New York high society, billionaire entrepreneur, Kyle Raines, and his architect wife, Lori, break ground on the future site of the Phoenix Building, Kyle’s massive new world headquarters on Central Park South. The celebrity couple’s brand new life together soon takes an unexpected turn, however, when Lori discovers she’s pregnant with their first child.



WRITTEN BY · Kelly J. Compeau         EDITED BY · Jeff Mariotte

ILLUSTRATED BY · Donald Jackson         COLOURED BY · Kelly J. Compeau

LETTERED BY · Michael Thomas         COVER BY · Jason Badower


A PDF copy of this webcomic is available for your reading pleasure.

Email: kjcgroup@hotmail.com

THE BLACK TOWER - 1hr. Supernatural Television Drama with a Webcomic Companion Series


PREMISE: The Black Tower is a fantasy-adventure TV series set in present day New York City, with storylines involving various conflicts between the Jin (benevolent entities born from Earth’s plant life) and the Shatana (a sub-group of demons and vampires). Azulen, the supreme ruler of the Jin, and her demonic consort, Iblis, leader of the Shatana, try to maintain order and discipline among their many siblings and protect them from the Gemini Group, a secret society of demon hunters who are determined to destroy every last one of them. However, the greatest threat to their survival – in fact, the survival of the entire planet – comes from LeGeon (Le-JEE-ahn), an ancient and extraordinarily powerful entity that, for the past century, has been consuming the souls which give life to every mortal being on Earth. In a desperate bid to save her world from annihilation, Azulen assumes the identity of Jennifer Gibson, a nurse with personal defense training, and infiltrates the household of billionaire entrepreneur, Kyle Raines, so she can watch over his daughter, Dreanna, a catatonic 15 year-old girl whom she suspects was born with the reincarnated soul of her long-lost son, Tyr. Once a prebubescent tyrant who wreaked havoc on the Ancient World with his supernatural powers, Dreanna is now Iblis and Azulen’s only hope of uniting the two warring factions in order to defeat the soul-devouring entity.


A planned 3-issue webcomic prequel series was in the works while the TV series was in development at a major U.S. network, in early 2008. After going online in August, 2008, The Black Tower - Issue #1 amassed a worldwide fan base of over 100,000 readers, including writers for Lost, Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Fringe, X-Files, Haven, Smallville, Supernatural, Witchblade, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate: SG1 and other shows, many of whom contacted me asking to become a member of the writing team, should the TV series ever go into production. The project received a significant amount of worldwide media attention, including a mention on the Joss Whedon fan website whedonesque.com, and was under consideration for an Eisner Award nomination for Best Webcomic, in 2009. Unfortunately, the economic crash of 2008 affected many film and TV projects, both in production and development. The Black Tower, among them. It lingered in “development hell” well into 2009, before finally being cancelled, altogether.

For Halloween, 2014, I was asked to develop a contest for a local retail store with over 150 employees. A role-playing kind of game with a large cash award to the winner. On the left of this fake front page of the DAILY PLANET (boy, did that ever take a long time to create from scratch!), is a story I wrote about Superman. I dressed up as a villainess named Kel Dru-Zod (I created the character specifically for this contest) and employees who spotted me wandering around the 132,000 sq. ft. property were to call the newspaper (actually, my cell number) and leave a message for Lois Lane, telling her where Kel Dru-Zod was so Superman could deal with her (i.e. send her back to the Phantom Zone). Everyone who phoned in had a chance to win the $100 cash reward via a ballot draw. I had to fill the rest of this fake newspaper page with more Metropolis-related “news” stories, so, I decided to create another new character, Cassandra King (that’s me in the photo), and have her appear to be dating Oliver Queen (a.k.a. the Green Arrow, as played by Canadian actor, Stephen Amell, in the hit CW series, Arrow). Christopher Reeve was a dear friend of mine and I miss him very much. That's why I wrote this little tribute to him. And, of course, I’m a huge fan of Stephen Amell, so, I thought I’d throw a little bit of him in there, too. I showed this to a few of my comrades at DC Comics, and it got an enthusiastic stamp of approval from company co-publisher, Dan DiDio. I really appreciate it when my industry peers publicly acknowledge my hard work on projects such as this. Thanks, Dan!

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As a script/story consultant I have contributed to such TV series as Law & Order: SVU, Street Cents, Lofty Ideas and Train 48, and have ghostwritten scripts for several movies and TV shows. In my capacity as a freelance journalist and photographer, I have contributed to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, The Nepean Chronicle newspaper, the Ottawa Business Journal, Ottawa Life magazine, Costco Connection, TV Guide, Rue Morgue, Canadian Living and Comic Book Resources, and served as Editor-in-Chief of FreeChoiceMedia, an online news source (now defunct) with stories by journalists from around the world, including CNN, The New York Times and The Huffington Post. Additionally, I have provided content (story ideas, news reports, commentary, artwork, photos, video) for Breakfast at the New RO (Ottawa), Daytime (Ottawa), Breakfast Television (Toronto), Cityline (Toronto), The Social (Toronto), The Marilyn Denis Show (Toronto), InnerSpace (Toronto), CTV News (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver), CTV Morning Live (Vancouver) and CTV Vancouver Island.






My background in advertising, public relations and talent management goes back to the 1980s, when I was often tasked by my employers to devise strategies to lure customers into our establishment (retail clothing, video store, book store, music store, nightclub, movie theatre etc.). By the year 2000, I was routinely sought-out for guidance on how to improve a business’s public image and customer service practices in order to increase sales, and taught members of the local creative community (actors, models, artists, musicians etc.) how to refine their public profile and use the internet, which was still in its infancy at the time, to get work across Canada. From 2003-2006, I did some publicity work for Train 48 (a 30-minute semi-scripted serial drama) and The Collector (a 60-minute fantasy drama). I regularly visited the shows’ official websites, fan-created websites and message boards, and posted episode reviews, interviews that I had conducted with the shows’ stars and guest cast, juicy little behind-the-scenes tidbits (gossip, candid pics) to excite the fans and increase ratings. I also filtered through fan emails, questions, criticisms, autograph and interview requests, responded on behalf of the stars and producers, and assisted in the planning and execution of a fun contest for Train 48 fans, where one lucky winner would spend a day on set with the cast & crew, and get a walk-on role as an extra for one episode. My extensive work in the entertainment industry, and my reputation as a shrewd business manager with a keen intuition for good projects, allowed me to serve as a publicist and personal assistant to numerous Hollywood celebrities, including a few Academy Award winners.






My work as a professional actress and model began in 1987, hired by artists and fashion photographers to pose for creative projects, and business owners to demonstrate and promote their products and services at trade shows and conventions across Ontario. My natural aptitude for public speaking served me well when I moved on to radio & TV broadcasting, in 1990, doing voice-work and singing jingles for dozens of commercials. Eventually, that lead to a two-year stint as a live radio personality for CKON, during which time I also wrote news, sports and entertainment stories for live broadcast, and ad spots for local businesses. After moving to Ottawa, in 1995, I got a few acting gigs in locally produced movies and TV shows, and worked as a copywriter, floor director and production assistant for the New RO’s morning, noon and 11 p.m. news broadcasts, and Daytime Ottawa, a daily talk show similar to ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly. By 2005, I was doing acting/voice-work in national campaigns for Tide, Crest, Telus, Fido, Rogers Wireless, Audi, Volkswagon, TD Bank and Walmart, among others. When I moved to the west coast, in 2011, my reputation as a well-respected industry pro made it possible for me to work on Godzilla, as an assistant to director Gareth Edwards, and Man of Steel, acting in a scene opposite star, Henry Cavill.

THE SCUTTLEBUTT was a free 2-page newsletter, delivered weekly to local businesses on Vancouver Island, featuring general interest stories, profiles of local business owners, interviews with people who were doing something unique or special to make a difference on the Island (and in this world), event notices, birth, birthday, marriage and anniversary announcements, local gossip, compliments and complaints from the locals, delightful recipes, photographs of our beautiful island, miscellaneous facts, puzzles and doodles. The first three issues of this now-defunct newsletter are available online.



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