1.† P.A. Plus is solely owned and managed by company founder, Kelly J. Compeau. She provides service on a non-contract basis only and there is no commitment beyond fulfilling the obligations of a scheduled appointment. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate all clients of P.A. Plus, including those who request service with less than an hourís notice. However, priority will be given to those with a scheduled appointment. Requests for service can be made by phone or e-mail at any time, day or night.


2.Any scheduled appointment cancelled by the client with less than 24 hourís notice will result in a charge of 60% of the expected fee for said services.


3.Any cancellation of a scheduled appointment by Ms. Compeau with less than 24 hourís notice will result in the expected services being completed free of charge (labour only) at a later date/time.


4.Clients of P.A. Plus will receive an invoice for all services rendered, approximately ten days into the following month. Payment by cash is acceptable, though a cheque is preferred. Please pay in full by the date indicated on the invoice.


5.While alone and unsupervised, Ms. Compeau will keep/leave your home or office in a safe and clean condition. Lights will be turned off, alarms will be activated, doors will be locked and the grounds will be checked for intruders before leaving. However, break-ins and freak accidents such as floods and fire do occur. Ms. Compeau will not be held responsible for such damage to property unless it can be proven that blatant negligence on her part was the cause. Reasonable compensation for damages such as a broken vase or a juice-stained carpet will most definitely be forthcoming.


6.Ms. Compeau will use extreme caution in the care of pets, and any situation which might put the animal(s) at risk of injury or death will be avoided. However, she will not be held responsible for injuries or death incurred under unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. a cat that chokes to death on a childís toy or a dog that jumps over the backyard fence and gets hit by a car).


7.Children left in the care of Ms. Compeau (for a short period of time only) will be given the same consideration as mentioned above in item six (6). And, again, she will not be held responsible for injuries or death incurred under unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances such as a child playing with stolen matches or hitting their head on the edge of a coffee table.


8.Any private information, personal habits or business practices which a client might reveal to Ms. Compeau will remain strictly confidential. However, with your permission, your name and phone number only will be forwarded as a reference for other prospective clients.





Any work which takes Ms. Compeau beyond the boundaries of Aulds Rd. in the north and Thirteenth St. in the south of Nanaimo, BC,

is subject to a travel fee of 40Ę per kilometer.